1. #Summer and #Brooklyn.

  2. This one goes out to all my friends who are fathers, soon to be fathers, or friends who are married to any of the above.

  3. This today.

  4. I went to #bluedotdonuts. I couldn’t decide between the sprinkled and coconut. The lady gave me all three for free. I don’t know what’s going on down here. Things are spiraling out of control.
    #mustbeneworleans (at Blue Dot Donuts)

  5. Here. I love Elvis. I very almost cried. (at Graceland)

  6. Yesterday I got to see Dave Chappelle and Erykah Badu together on stage. If that’s not a dream come true I don’t know what is.
    #causemylifeisdope #chappelle #badu #radiocity (at Radio City Music Hall)

  7. #Nanushka in Peru for Australian #MarieClaire with @tamastuzes.
    #theinternational #hungarianmafia

  8. #triggerhippies

  9. I had the incredible honor of working with Mark during the mayoral elections in New York. One of the most thoughtful and humble people I’ve ever met.

    This is his first piece in what I hope will be many more for the Huffington Post. A fascinating read on GOP politics, past and present.

  10. #Whynationsfail

  11. If you were having a bad day today just think “hey, at least I didn’t burn my Porsche to a crisp like that kid on the Upper West Side.”
    #toughtimes #richpeoplehaveproblemstoo

  12. Malik Bendjelloul, director of one of the most uplifting and inspiring documentaries I’ve ever seen, Searching for Sugar Man, committed suicide today after battling years of depression. What a strange, strange world…

  13. Don Draper the morning after. Priceless.

  14. I’m not entirely sure how to feel about boxing after this terribly written article.

    "Boxing managers have an obligation to minimize the amount of damage their fighters sustain.

    The most responsible way to develop a new fighter is to combine easily winnable fights—albeit ones that require some of his attention and skill—with fixed fights that will move him quickly up the ratings. The goal is to earn a fighter as much money as possible without incurring unnecessary wear and tear. He’ll have to be in enough tough fights when the time comes.”

  15. Nanushka AW14 at #FashionweekBudapest with Kata Kondas.