1. This guy.

  2. So i bought a URL today.

  3. Might be late to this but love this video concept so much. Cool and easy and effortless and sexy and beautiful.

  4. Insights from the Longest Longitudinal Study on Men Ever Conducted

    After decades of studying the scope of men’s lives from ages 18-90, Valliant’s answer is this: “Happiness is love. Full stop.” It’s really a conclusion all of us knew all along, but it helps to be reminded of it, and to see that it is backed up not only by intuition, but by nearly 80 years of research.

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  6. These beautiful kids, making everything worth it.
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  7. My little empire.
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  8. The scariest thing about #robinwilliams death is that I was watching The Birdcage last night.
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  9. Just finished Ian Kershaw’s monumental Hitler biography. One of the most difficult books I’ve ever read. People asked me why I’m reading it. Taking into consideration the singular effect he had on the world and Europe…how could I not.

    Several times during the book I wanted to quit. Knowing where the story is headed it’s almost unbearable to see that there’s not a single person in the room capable of steering things away from the most diabolic of outcomes.

    All the while it’s important to note that Hitler was essentially a loser. Incapable of creating any semblance of organization and structure in his life or that of others. He never held a job, even as leader of Germany slept till noon, spoke to virtually none of the members of his government and literally bored those around him to sleep with his all night ramblings.  

    But more importantly Hitler was a horrible person. He’s the purest definition of that term: horrible. Despicable with not a single redeeming quality. They say he loved dogs; he loved nothing. He took a nation and with it the world and drove them into the ground.

    The cover art for the book has been consistently brilliant. All these images encapsulate fundamental truths about this man. The masses he led were to him faceless. He was cold and stern and unsentimental. And he was essentially alone. Completely alone with concern and consideration for none.


    Life is horrible. Coming into being, existing, and passing away, there’s always a killing. Everything that is born must later die. Whether it’s through illness, accident, or war, that remains the same.”

    | Adolf Hitler |

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  11. This one goes out to all my friends who are fathers, soon to be fathers, or friends who are married to any of the above.

  12. This today.

  13. I went to #bluedotdonuts. I couldn’t decide between the sprinkled and coconut. The lady gave me all three for free. I don’t know what’s going on down here. Things are spiraling out of control.
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  14. Here. I love Elvis. I very almost cried. (at Graceland)

  15. Yesterday I got to see Dave Chappelle and Erykah Badu together on stage. If that’s not a dream come true I don’t know what is.
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